Who’s Bill?

Bill Holm

Bill Holm

Bill is my husband. In 2008, we eloped to New York City and got married on April 18 at City Hall in Manhattan.

He has allergies to wheat, corn, and dairy (cow, not goat or sheep), which are a total challenge to me when I cook, so most–if not all–of the recipes or the eateries I write about are “Bill-friendly”, as I call them. He is my companion, soul mate, and inspiration along this road to happy food. And, he’s a poet.

9 responses to “Who’s Bill?

  1. Well cousin–I admit I sort of confused myself thinking your note to me to show off this stuff was some spammed in through an alias–but I see now it is legit!
    Good show!
    Every August my belly bothers me—allergies I figured, but it just may be those damned tomatoes. I grow them. And I love to grow them. I eat them. And I love to eat them. But its dawning on me that Tomatoes might just not be my thing.
    Its very depressing indeed since my greatest culinary champion blue ribbon-esque dishes have been largely owing everything they were to the tomato(and of course a healthy dose of Rosemary and Basil)
    I fear obtaining the knowledge of the troubles I have and associating them with the tomato may make feel healthier–but it assuredly will not make me happier.
    And I’ll tell you–the zucchini plant is one that I adore as well, but have learned to limit myself to no more than two hills. I believe it cost me friendships having to giveaway so many zucchini’s each summer.

  2. I am thrilled to have learned about your food blogging and discussing what bothers your husband due to food allergies. I have migraines and find I can usually expect a “blinger” after eating in most restaurants. I am learning the hard way. If I eat my own food and fresh from Holland Market…all is well. We also love Everyday People….fall and winter. I am adding you to my Favorites List. Thank you for such a great read!
    Bobbie from Macatawa

  3. Thanks for your support, Bobbie. I’ll keep posting! I’m taking a break tonight, but hoping to post about once a day.

  4. I love what you’re doing here. I don’t have dietary restrictions due to allergy like Bill, but I like to stay away from that stuff whenever I can for other health reasons. Your recipes are innovative and de-LISH! Keep it up!

    • Thanks so much, Paul, for your support. I hope you’ll be interested in the cookbook I’m working on: main dishes for allergies. Stay tuned!

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