What’s in It for You?

Like I said in Why I’m Blogging, I can’t separate words from food. I like to write and I like to eat. It’s that simple. But my focus is on happy food and my struggle to find and create it.

If you’re interested in eating happy food, too, I’m happy to share my blog with you. It’s already covering a range of topics from recipes to politics to ethics. I’m trying to find the best food I can eat in West Michigan, and making the time to prepare it. When I eat well, I feel well. You can, too. Life is fare.

9 responses to “What’s in It for You?

  1. I’m glad I found your blog.

  2. Hi!

    Very informative blog. Perhaps your readers would be interested in my green product by a NY artist:

  3. Marcia, I so enjoy your blog and check it all the time for your insight and recipes. Keep up the good work! I very much miss your friend Julie Ridl’s blog. Do you know if she plans to start writing a blog again?

    • Hi Eda,

      I’m not sure what Julie’s plans are for her blog…have you contacted her? I’m sure she would love to hear from you.

      Thanks for your support and for visiting Life Is Fare! I appreciate your comment!

  4. David Carmisciano

    Hi Marcia,

    I think your blog is great! It is very informative. Is there a place I can go to alert you and your readers of topics that are of concern to me and, based on what I have read so far, most likely would be to you too?

    One subject that causes me grave concern is news that the FDA is contemplating the approval of genetically engineered salmon a.k.a “Frankenfish”. That is only one part of the issue. The other is that the FDA is also contemplating that these fish need not be labeled as genetically engineered! If you already are aware of this and have informed your readers I thank you for doing so. If, however, you have not and feel that this info is important I wouldn be happy to provide more.


    • David, the best way to share the information for my blog would be to email it to me. If it’s a topic I haven’t covered I’d be happy to write a blog post about it and let readers know the source information came from you. I will send you my email address. Thank you for your support!

  5. Marcia, this is so close to the project my wife and I started last year. Your blog is on our blogroll (has been for a while), but we don’t take the time we should to hop on over and read what you’ve been posting. The largest tags in your tag cloud read like a list of what’s most important to us, and what we most often post about. It’s good to know someone who’s in a completely different climate and trying to eat the same way we are – I imagine you have much more ready access to happy meat, while we probably have a much easier time of getting local produce all year long. Anyway, thanks for writing, and providing links to lots of great resources. By the way, do you do any composting? I don’t see that in your tag cloud.

    • John, I know what you mean….I have your site listed under Fellow Foodies but I don’t hop over there often enough to see what you’re up to either! Thanks for commenting on my blog to get me back over to your site. It is good to know of others with like-minded philosophies toward food.
      We are fortunate to have access to happy meat around here but my husband and I have found that we’re cutting back on it because grassfed/pastured meat is expensive and the way around that is to eat more plant food (Michael Pollan would agree!). I envy your access to produce, though, especially this time of year. I’ve been working my way through my frozen berries from last summer but they’re not as satisfying as fresh ones!
      We do compost here. I’m not sure why I don’t write about it, but it’s a good topic. Thanks for the suggestion! I suppose I’ve just been doing it for so long that I don’t even think about it as something to share! I will write a post about it when the snow is gone and I get back into my garden….maybe peering at the black gold that’s been cooking all winter will be a fun way to kick off gardening season on my blog! Thanks for your support!

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