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From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Four of Five Christmas Puddings

What’s the big deal about pudding anyway? I wonder if it was all the rage before ice cream was a possibility–that is, before the ice box or refrigerator made it possible to keep things cold and frozen. I remember Jell-O pudding when I was a kid. It was a yummy dessert that was easy to eat. Chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch…all yummy. Maybe it’s time to try making pudding again!

Caramel Custard recipe

By the way, I have no idea what Hyannis sauce is. I assume it’s something from Massachusetts.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Three of Five Christmas Puddings

For the third of five pudding recipes in the countdown to Christmas, I posted this one for Orange Pudding from My Mother’s Recipe Box. If you can decipher my grandma’s handwriting, you might enjoy this citrus treat. My guess is the recipe comes from California, where my grandma was born.

Orange Pudding recipe

Orange Pudding recipe

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Two of Five Christmas Puddings

Dates and Christmastime automatically go together. I’m not sure why, but they have appeared in desserts during the holidays as long as I remember.

Date pudding? I’ve never had it, but why not go retro this year and make a recipe for the holidays that brings you back to the 1960s?
Date Pudding recipe

Date Pudding recipe

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Rice and Cheese Casserole

Rice and Cheese Casserole Recipe

Anyone who grew up when processed food was all the rage has most certainly eaten a casserole. They vary from lasagna to macaroni & cheese to tuna casserole, with the main ingredients ranging from some form of carbohydrate plus a meat or dairy component, and some vegetables thrown in. From the French word for saucepan, it’s basically a meal in a pot or pan.

For some, casseroles are comfort food. For others, it’s a reminder of the harried lifestyle they lived, running from school to sports events to theater practice. To me, moms and casseroles go hand-in-hand. So this year for Mother’s Day, I’m featuring one from My Mother’s Recipe Box: Rice and Cheese Casserole.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Bible Cake

I like what Auntie Bowman wrote on the back of this recipe card to my mother: “Have fun figuring this out some stormy day.” Perhaps it’s a good exercise for family gatherings over Easter weekend, too (storm or no storm!). If you look closely, my mother wrote the answer for each ingredient riddle in red pencil, but there are a few I can’t even read on the original version. If you own a Bible, it’s time to get it out and solve the riddles from My Mother’s Recipe Box!

Bible Cake recipe

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Sweets for the Sweet

Looking for something new to make for Valentine’s Day this year? I found two recipes in My Mother’s Recipe Box that look easy, fun, and delicious. The first, called Yum Yum Gems, is from my great-aunt Lily. These are actually cupcakes that you could eat with or without icing. The second is called Torte Dessert, which you make in a jelly roll pan. Enjoy the sweetness of Valentine’s Day!

Yum Yum Gems Vintage Cupcake Recipe

Torte Dessert Vintage Recipe

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Three Recipes for Dates

I’m not sure why dates remind me of the holidays. Is it because they come from palm trees, which are prevalent in the Middle East, where some major holidays originated?

Turns out, my mother was apparently fond of them. I found these three recipes for dates in My Mother’s Recipe Box: Date Nut Bread, Date Loaf (which is actually candy), and Date Pudding. They look like yummy choices for holiday sweets this December!