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The Perennial Plate: Episode 83

Here’s Daniel Klein’s tribute to Prune Restaurant on 1st Street in NYC via video montage. This was just another stop on Klein’s Real Food Road Trip. (Okay, it was two summers ago, but I’m still catching up on these episodes!)

The Perennial Plate: Episode 82

Warning: This video is graphic. It’s about a halal slaughterhouse in Queens, New York, that sources many of its chickens from small farms and is run by a guy who believes in the humane treatment of the animals he buys for food. And many people in the neighborhood prefer to come here and pay a premium for natural, free-range, organic, or pastured chickens rather than paying cheap prices at the grocery store down the street because of the way the chickens are slaughtered and processed.

The Perennial Plate: Episode 81

I skipped a couple of The Perennial Plate episodes (number 79 and 80) in my plan to cover their Real Food Road Trip from Season Two since Daniel Klein and Mirra were on a bit of a hiatus. So here’s Episode 81, which covers two of my favorite topics: growing food and New York City. And, one of my favorite places on the East Coast: Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture.

It’s a Farming State of Mind.

Keepers of the Seed

You’ve probably heard a lot about Monsanto and its drive to continue producing  GMOs and pesticides. But what is its impact on a person’s livelihood? It can go as far as suicide.

The Perennial Plate recently went to India and interviewed environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva on the reality of these issues. Watch this video called “Two Options” to learn more about Dr. Shiva, a farmer named Bija Devi, their network of seed keepers,  and their fight to preserve heirloom seeds in India.

The Perennial Plate: Episode 78

Insects as protein. Watch David Gracer, an entomophagy (bug eating) expert, offer a good case for making wider use of bugs.  He’s eating them to save the planet, not to make a buck.

The Perennial Plate: Episode 77

Lobster fisherman Lewis Cameron of the Pemaquid Lobster Co-op and his daughter Samantha get up early to check on their lobster traps off the coast of Maine. Then Chef Daniel Klein and camerawoman Mirra Fine join locals for a kick-ass lobster bake and blueberry pie.

The Perennial Plate: Episode 76

“The sweet spot in a tumultuous universe.” Enjoy this peaceful episode about a Maine seaweed harvester and poet, Larch Hanson.

The Perennial Plate: Episode 75

I sort of dropped off posting episodes of The Perennial Plate this past summer. Not sure what happened. Must have been the heat!

Here’s the next episode, which focuses on intentional communities and a visit to Cobb Hill, a co-housing community in Vermont.

By the way, does anybody else love the music selections this duo chooses for these episodes? I think they’re really upbeat and fresh…they make me just want to get up and start cooking!

The Perennial Plate: Episode 73

Check out what Greg and Olivia from Detroit Dirt and Brother Nature Produce are doing for urban gardening in Detroit. They’re turning an acre of previously abandoned lots into food producing centers. On top of that they’re developing a compost center in the city for easy access to urban farmers to use. Just what Detroit needs!

The Perennial Plate: Episode 72

The Perennial Plate Episode 72: After the Flood from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Daniel Klein and  camerawoman Mirra Fine of The Perennial Plate interrupted their Real Food Road Trip last August when Hurricane Irene devastated farms in upstate New York. The flooding that resulted from the hurricane, and the rains that re-flooded farms in the Northeast a week later, wiped out crops in late summer–the most important part of the year for a lot of farmers. It’s like losing your entire income. Such is the story in this video of Pete Taliaferro and Ray Bradley. Although Hurricane Irene is long gone, farmers will feel her effects for a long time.