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Breakfast for Dinner: Bacon Leek Frittata

Bill and I love frittatas for dinner. So when we had some nitrite-free bacon leftover in addition to some chopped leeks in the freezer, it seemed we were destined to make a frittata for dinner.

I had never frozen leeks before I went to a freezing and canning seminar at Lubbers Farm last September. That’s when Kathy Rafter, the instructor, suggested chopping certain vegetables for freezer storage. I promptly preserved some of the leeks I got from Visser Farms and took them out to thaw the day I planned on making the frittata.

What I found interesting was the consistency of the leeks when they were thawed. Like my frozen strawberries and blueberries from last summer, they became somewhat mushy once thawed. What that meant for my frittata is I didn’t have to saute them prior to using them, which is really convenient. (Normally, I would cook them until tender, about 8 minutes, when using them in a fast-cooking dish such as a frittata.)

So how did I make this delicious wintertime meal?

It’s so easy….

Chop up about 4 strips of bacon and saute it until crispy.

After mixing 5 happy eggs together and seasoning with salt and pepper, heat up the pan that the bacon was fried in (after draining the grease).

Add some olive oil. (The key is to not let those eggs stick.) When the pan is really hot (indicated by a sizzling sound when you sprinkle a couple drops of water in the grease), pour in the eggs.

On medium to low heat, loosen the edges and swirl around the uncooked egg mixture, letting it slide under the cooked part until the egg is mostly set.

Add the leeks, then the bacon.

If desired, add some grated cheese such as Pecorino.

Broil on low heat for about two minutes, keeping an eye on the frittata since oven temps can vary.

Remove from the oven, cover with a lid to let set a couple minutes. Then cut into wedges and serve.

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