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From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Rice and Cheese Casserole

Rice and Cheese Casserole Recipe

Anyone who grew up when processed food was all the rage has most certainly eaten a casserole. They vary from lasagna to macaroni & cheese to tuna casserole, with the main ingredients ranging from some form of carbohydrate plus a meat or dairy component, and some vegetables thrown in. From the French word for saucepan, it’s basically a meal in a pot or pan.

For some, casseroles are comfort food. For others, it’s a reminder of the harried lifestyle they lived, running from school to sports events to theater practice. To me, moms and casseroles go hand-in-hand. So this year for Mother’s Day, I’m featuring one from My Mother’s Recipe Box: Rice and Cheese Casserole.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Orange Sugared Walnuts

Okay, so it’s not a baking recipe, but I couldn’t resist this festive walnut candy as my final entry for “A Week of Holiday Baking” from My Mother’s Recipe Box. It’s a unique way to make candied nuts for your holiday parties.

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And Happy Holidays!

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Stadig Cookies

I had never heard of Stadig Cookies before and, when I Googled “stadig,” I couldn’t find a definition. So I went to the Google translator and discovered it’s Danish for “still.” If anyone has a story behind this cookie, I’d love to know it. Apparently, it’s a simple almond cookie that looks like shortbread to me. Yum!

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From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Peanut Butter Cookies

They may not be traditional holiday cookies, but Peanut Butter Cookies are my absolute favorite cookie, and this recipe from My Mother’s Recipe Box is the one I learned to bake from.

I love the little diagram on the back of the card showing how to do the criss-crosses with a fork.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Lemon Squares

Here’s a gem from My Mother’s Recipe Box. Who doesn’t love Lemon Squares? Whenever I go to a party and they’re served, I have trouble eating just one. Good thing I’m not a baker. (Maybe my lack of willpower is the real reason I don’t bake, rather than my usual excuse: I hate to measure!)

Add this one to your list for holiday baking, along with Coconut Macaroons, Jelly Cookies, and Sugar Cookies.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Sponge Cake

When was the last time you had sponge cake? For me, it was probably at a church function when I was a kid. I don’t know if anyone makes sponge cake anymore but I don’t make a point of seeking out a recipe for it since I’m not big on desserts. Yet, this Sponge Cake recipe from My Mother’s Recipe Box caught my eye because of its simplicity in ingredients and technique. Oh, and one little detail in the bottom right-hand corner of the card.

First, the simplicity: One of the reasons I’m posting these old recipes is because so many people, especially in the U.S., have lost the art of cooking. Sharing recipes on these 3×5 cards doesn’t seem as popular anymore either, with so many resources available on the internet. Look at how Mrs. Blanche McNamara typed up this recipe to make it fit on an index card. There aren’t many ingredients to begin with; on top of that, the instructions are short and easy to follow.

And, the detail at the bottom right-hand corner? Apparently Blanche goes by the nickname, “Mack.” Sure wish I had had the opportunity able to meet Mack.