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From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Three Recipes for Dates

I’m not sure why dates remind me of the holidays. Is it because they come from palm trees, which are prevalent in the Middle East, where some major holidays originated?

Turns out, my mother was apparently fond of them. I found these three recipes for dates in My Mother’s Recipe Box: Date Nut Bread, Date Loaf (which is actually candy), and Date Pudding. They look like yummy choices for holiday sweets this December!

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Pecan Dainties

I started this week of holiday baking with Aunt Vivian Morrison’s  Fudge Candy recipe from My Mother’s Recipe Box. So I thought it would be appropriate to finish the week with a recipe from another relative, Aunt Irlene Morrison.

Pecan Dainties are more like candy than cookies, but at the holidays, it’s all about sweets! Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday season and new year.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Thumbprint Cookies

Who hasn’t eaten a thumbprint cookie, especially at the holidays? There’s so much variety in what to put in the crater made by your thumb before baking: Hershey’s chocolate kisses, jams or jellies, fruit, etc. I’m sure there are many variations. I remember making a version of this recipe from My Mother’s Recipe Box for “stained glass” cookies:  each one has a Lifesaver candy in the center that melts when baked to look like a stained glass window.

What’s your favorite?

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Molasses Cookies

I’m not sure who Mrs. Linder is or was, but she gave my mother this recipe for Molasses Cookies. What cookies could be better–or easier– to make for the holidays?

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Russian Tea Cakes

I’ve been in sort of a Russian cooking phase since my recent borscht experiment, so I thought this would be a good time to include this recipe for Russian Tea Cakes from My Mother’s Recipe Box as part of this week’s holiday vintage recipe collection.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Fudge Candy

Last year around this time in December I posted a week of holiday baking recipes from My Mother’s Recipe Box. And, there are more! So I thought, once again, I’d share some vintage recipes in case you’re looking for something traditional–or different–to have for your holiday parties.

Nothing says “holidays” to me more than fudge. This recipe is from Aunt Vivian Morrison, a relative of my grandma who most likely lived in California. I remember visiting Aunt Irlene Morrison near Yuba City, CA, the summer I was 12. She loaded us up with Kadota figs from a tree in her yard. I’m thinking Aunt Vivian is her daughter-in-law or niece.

When was the last time you found Hershey bars for 5 cents?

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Orange Sugared Walnuts

Okay, so it’s not a baking recipe, but I couldn’t resist this festive walnut candy as my final entry for “A Week of Holiday Baking” from My Mother’s Recipe Box. It’s a unique way to make candied nuts for your holiday parties.

For the rest of this week’s recipes, check out My Mother’s Recipe Box.

And Happy Holidays!