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Herb Frittata Inspired by My Winter Herb Garden

One winter night in February I was flying solo for dinner. I was also short on food. So I decided to make a frittata because we almost always have happy eggs in the fridge.

Then I remembered my Winter Herb Garden, which seems to be holding on through the dead of winter, even when temps got to -4 degrees F outside.

So I started snipping the greens, some of which I think might be arugula, as well as spinach, oregano, and parsley.

I sautéed some slices of red onion, mixed three eggs together (salt and pepper to taste), poured them in a skillet with hot olive oil, and cooked the eggs like I’d do for any frittata. When the eggs were almost set, I sprinkled the chopped greens and herbs on top.

Then I added the onion and some grated Pecorino cheese.

Under the broiler it went for about 2 1/2 minutes, with me checking every 30-60 seconds to make sure it didn’t burn.

With a garnish of grape tomatoes, black cured olives, and a sprig of parsley from the garden, I was ready to eat.

Doesn’t it look like summer has arrived in Michigan?


A simple, quick, cheap vegetarian dinner Bill and I enjoy is a frittata. (It also makes a great breakfast, either at home or when camping.)

Frittata for Two

Mix together six happy eggs, a splash of milk (or rice milk if you’re allergic to dairy), salt and pepper.

Heat a few tablespoons of olive oil in a large skillet until very hot. Add egg mixture and cook on medium heat. When edges begin to solidify, gently lift them up and let uncooked egg mixture slide underneath. Keep doing this in order to cook the eggs and prevent the frittata from sticking to the pan.

Add some herbs, such as rosemary.

Then cover with shredded cheese. (We used a Greek cheese due to Bill’s allergy to cow milk products.) Remove from heat and cover with a lid until set.

Then broil for a minute or two (watching carefully) on low heat. Cut frittata in two.

Serve with fried potatoes and onions, grilled baguette, and a side salad.