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Red Lentils over Rice

A bag of red lentils was sitting on the pantry shelf this morning and I was looking for a new dinner idea.

My internet search ended at a recipe for Red Lentil Cakes, although it actually became the inspiration for what I made since I improvised in the end.

For one thing, the recipe calls for bulgur wheat, which Bill can’t eat. I thought of substituting with quinoa but then wondered if we really needed to make “cakes” for dinner? It seemed like I was just creating more work. So we opted for lentils over rice. It was easy and delicious.

All you do is saute some chopped onions in butter (olive oil for Bill) and add tomato paste. (The recipe calls for green onions to be added later. Since we didn’t have any, I just added more yellow onion to the skillet with the tomato paste.)

Meanwhile, put lentils and water in a pot. (Or, use a meat stock, such as the lamb stock we had in the fridge after last weekend’s Leg of Lamb on the Grill.)

Simmer lentils for about 25 minutes or until water is absorbed.

Add the onions and parsley and spices. It’s fun to throw in spoonfuls of cumin and paprika! But that’s what lentils need. (Plus salt!)

Serve over white rice. With all that fiber in the lentils (7 grams per serving), I promise this vegetarian meal will keep you from getting hungry for a few hours!

How to Grill a Grassfed Beef Burger

It’s grilling season in the North!

I thought I’d share Bill‘s special burger grilling process for anyone who’s making a transition–or considering a switch–to grassfed beef. (Why might you want to eat meat from grassfed animals? Check out this primer on grassfed beef. And, if you’re not in the mood for burgers, try this recipe for Grilled Grassfed Ribeye Steaks.)

When you switch from fatty feedlot meat to leaner grassfed meat, it’s important to watch your cooking time and temperature.

Of course, you could cook your burgers in a pan, but they are really good on the grill. We just got a new Weber Q last year.

Here’s the way Bill grills our grassfed beef burgers:
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