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From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Molasses Cookies

I’m not sure who Mrs. Linder is or was, but she gave my mother this recipe for Molasses Cookies. What cookies could be better–or easier– to make for the holidays?

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Two Recipes for Chocolate

I’m not a big chocolate fan unless it’s straight dark chocolate, or a dense, moist brownie or torte. But February is chocolate month, it seems, due to a favorite Hallmark holiday coming up next week. So, you chocoholics….try these vintage recipes from My Mother’s Recipe Box: Dorothy Coon’s Chocolate Cup Cakes and Special Chocolate Cookies.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Stadig Cookies

I had never heard of Stadig Cookies before and, when I Googled “stadig,” I couldn’t find a definition. So I went to the Google translator and discovered it’s Danish for “still.” If anyone has a story behind this cookie, I’d love to know it. Apparently, it’s a simple almond cookie that looks like shortbread to me. Yum!

See the rest of this week’s holiday baking recipes in My Mother’s Recipe Box.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Peanut Butter Cookies

They may not be traditional holiday cookies, but Peanut Butter Cookies are my absolute favorite cookie, and this recipe from My Mother’s Recipe Box is the one I learned to bake from.

I love the little diagram on the back of the card showing how to do the criss-crosses with a fork.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Lemon Squares

Here’s a gem from My Mother’s Recipe Box. Who doesn’t love Lemon Squares? Whenever I go to a party and they’re served, I have trouble eating just one. Good thing I’m not a baker. (Maybe my lack of willpower is the real reason I don’t bake, rather than my usual excuse: I hate to measure!)

Add this one to your list for holiday baking, along with Coconut Macaroons, Jelly Cookies, and Sugar Cookies.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Sugar Cookies

An all-time favorite at the holidays, sugar cookies are easy to make and a good choice for cut-out cookies, which can be decorated after baking.

This recipe was written by Mrs. H.A. Weller of 716 Hillside Street. I’m not sure what city Hillside Street is in but when I Googled the likely candidates from my mother’s connections (Providence, RI; Williamsport, PA; and Syracuse, NY), an address popped up in Syracuse!

To see this week’s previous holiday baking recipes from My Mother’s Recipe Box, check out Jelly Cookies and Coconut Macaroons.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Jelly Cookies

It’s Day 2 of a week of holiday baking recipes from My Mother’s Recipe Box. Remember Jelly Cookies? Those simple treats designed to be a vehicle for a mouthful of jelly? I love that explosion of sweet-tart fruit in my mouth, especially when they’re right out of the oven.

While this recipe calls for currant jelly, you could use just about any kind you choose. Or use a variety for a more festive presentation on your holiday cookie tray.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: A Week of Holiday Baking

I’m not much of a baker. But when I read this morning’s newspaper, I saw tons of recipes for holiday cookies, so I got to thinking: Perhaps my baking friends would appreciate some classic cookie and candy recipes from My Mother’s Recipe Box.

Over the next week, watch for a classic baking recipe each day–from peanut butter cookies to lemon bars to sugar cookies. All from the 1960’s or earlier.

For starters, here’s an easy recipe for Coconut Macaroons.

Chocolate Chip Cookies for Bill

This is a tough time of year for people with gluten and dairy allergies, what with all the sweets hanging around at the workplace and at holiday parties.

Since I do some baking for the holidays–such as the Zucchini Bread I send to my siblings and the cookies I bake for Hospice–I like to make something that Bill can eat, too.

I found this recipe for Wheat-Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from Godairyfree.org. It’s easy and it’s yummy. I’m just as happy eating these cookies as I would be eating ones with butter in them. (In fact, too happy, which is another reason I don’t usually bake: If there’s a cookie in the house, I’ll eat it!)
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Cardamom Snaps for Holiday Baking

Each year in December, I’m part of a group of women who bake cookies for local Hospice patients and their families to brighten their holidays. Because my family has been touched by cancer too many times, and several of my friends and coworkers have dealt with the disease personally, baking for cancer patients is a special tradition for me. In fact, it’s about the only time I bake, except for when I attempt Chocolate Cake for Bill, because I’m really not much of a baker at all.

Since I like the challenge of making things Bill can eat, and I know many people have some of the same food allergies he has (wheat, dairy, and corn), it makes sense to find a recipe that this group of food allergy sufferers can enjoy.

I found this one for Cardamom Snaps from Better Homes and Gardens. I think it originally caught my eye because of the creative suggestion for packaging the cookies as gifts.
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