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Thank You!

I’m so excited to announce that Life Is Fare has topped 100,000 site views—with more than 600 posts—since August, 2009.

I appreciate the loyalty of my readers and the curiosity of people interested in happy food.

Thank you for following me!

The Perennial Plate: Episode 74

Farming with nature. That’s the philosophy of the Stoller family, these dairy farmers from Ohio who involve the whole family in every aspect of farm living.

From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Russian Tea Cakes

I’ve been in sort of a Russian cooking phase since my recent borscht experiment, so I thought this would be a good time to include this recipe for Russian Tea Cakes from My Mother’s Recipe Box as part of this week’s holiday vintage recipe collection.

Two Vegetables in One

Yesterday I went to the Holland Farmers Market to pick up my basic produce needs for the week. I was looking specifically for lacinato kale to put in my Ribollita soup, but it’s hard to find it this time of year in Michigan. Curly kale is certainly a good back-up, and so is Swiss chard, which I bought from Eaters’ Guild Farm.

When I stopped by Fat Blossom Farm‘s booth to inquire about kale, the farmer suggested using rutabaga leaves as a substitute. Who knew? He said, “I love growing vegetables that have more than one purpose.”

That got me thinking: What other produce exists that can be used for more than one purpose? I have apparently gotten into a mindset about what vegetable parts to eat when I buy or raise produce. But many vegetables have more than one edible part. Here’s a list I came up with after doing a little research. Can you add more?

  • Beans (snap): pod with seeds, leaves
  • Beets: root, leaves
  • Broccoli: flower, leaves, flower stem
  • Carrot: root, leaves
  • Cauliflower: immature flower, flower stem, leaves
  • Celery: leaf stems, leaves, seeds
  • Cucumber: fruit with seeds, stem tips and young leaves
  • Onions: root, young leaves
  • Parsley: tops, roots
  • Peas: seeds, pods, leaves
  • Pepper: pods,  leaves after cooking, immature seeds
  • Potatoes (sweet): roots, leaves, stem shoots
  • Radish: roots, leaves
  • Squash: fruit with seeds, seeds, flowers, young leaves
  • Tomato: fruits with seeds,  leaves
  • Turnip: roots, leaves