Five Absurdly Large Fast-Food Serving Sizes

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From, here’s a photo gallery of some enormous “servings” of food. I don’t know about you but I can hardly stomach the photos. I can’t imagine eating like this.


5 responses to “Five Absurdly Large Fast-Food Serving Sizes

  1. That’s not a BK Whopper.
    Whoppers do not have bacon. I know this since I worked at a Burger King.

    • Thanks for clarifying, Yinzerella. I pulled the caption from the Takepart site and didn’t know it wasn’t a Whopper. I think the last time I ate one was around 1995! I cannot even walk near a BK anymore….just the smell from grill exhaust fan outside makes me sick.

      • I then clicked to Takepart and I think that it may be a foreign version. A triple something or other. Ack. A regular Whopper is big enough.

        Is it wrong that I really want to try the Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Pizza? (I know that’s only offered abroad).

      • Marcia Davis

        Wow, really? It’s a foreign version? That’s amazing. I thought supersizing was so American!
        Hey, to each her own when it comes to taste! Personally, I can’t imagine combining a cheeseburger with a pizza!

      • Supersizing is by no means exclusive to the US.
        It is amazing how different the fast food menus are abroad than what we have in the US. Especially in China and Japan.
        In the UK there is a Pizza Hut pizza that is ringed in hot dogs.
        But this is my favorite:

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