Spring Lavash Pizza

Spring Lavash Pizza Recipe

I call it Spring Lavash Pizza because the recipe was inspired by one main ingredient that’s harvested in the spring: stinging nettles. Which I turned into Stinging Nettles Pesto. (Wow, is that ever good!) My batch yielded about two cups so I froze some of it and then wondered what I would use the rest for.

As it turns out, the local greenhouse tomatoes were ripe at the Holland Farmers Market last Saturday (and I’ve been dying for fresh tomatoes since last November!). So I opted for an easy lavash pizza, which is made with a Bill-friendly lavash (flatbread) base from Sami’s Bakery.

Spring Nettles Pesto and Greenhouse Tomato

After toasting the bottom of the lavash on a griddle, I smeared the pesto on the lavash, then added sliced tomatoes and kalamata olives.

Spring Lavash Pizza recipe

I sprinkled the pizza with salt and pepper, added some grated Pecorino cheese, drizzled it with olive oil and broiled it for about three minutes on low.

Spring Lavash Pizza recipe

This makes a wonderful light dinner or a small plate to share. And it’s full of superfood antioxidants from the nettles!


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