From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Bible Cake

I like what Auntie Bowman wrote on the back of this recipe card to my mother: “Have fun figuring this out some stormy day.” Perhaps it’s a good exercise for family gatherings over Easter weekend, too (storm or no storm!). If you look closely, my mother wrote the answer for each ingredient riddle in red pencil, but there are a few I can’t even read on the original version. If you own a Bible, it’s time to get it out and solve the riddles from My Mother’s Recipe Box!

Bible Cake recipe


4 responses to “From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Bible Cake

  1. tracy bodenshot

    Marcia, I L O V E this !!!!!

    • Have you ever seen it before, Tracy? I think I’ve come across a similar recipe somewhere…maybe a church cookbook. Thanks for your enthusiastic comment! 🙂

  2. There is something about seeing the recipe in the handwriting of your grandmother, mother, friend. I keep those in a special album/cookbook. This is such a neat recipe. Love the message on the back!

    • I agree. I think it’s the intimacy of it…something unique to that person, who took the time to write it down. Thanks for your comment and thoughtful insight!

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