Chez Marcita Presents: A Classic Rock Trip to the CSA

Join Bill and me as we drive across town to pick up produce from our winter CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), Lakeshore Family Farm. In this short video, we’ll explain how a CSA works and show you what we got in our half share one week in February. Special thanks to Grand Rapids radio station WLAV for providing a rockin’ soundtrack for a Wednesday afternoon road trip.

Please share this post with your friends, especially those who might want to learn more about a CSA program.


2 responses to “Chez Marcita Presents: A Classic Rock Trip to the CSA

  1. kateconvissor

    *Huge grin.* Love the snowy Michigan countryside. The junkyard art. Bill’s rendition of Born to be Wild. Reminded me of taking my baby grandson up past the Cloisters in Fr. Tryon Park in NYC to pick up our CSA last spring.

    But, really, celery root? Give it up. What’s your recipe?

    • That Bill Holm and I, we have some fun! 😉 Glad you enjoyed our little drive, Kate!
      Our favorite recipe for celery root is Celery Root Bisque from I was hoping to do a blog post about it but I used up the vegetables before I got around to it! Here’s the link to the recipe if you’re interested:
      What makes it so yummy is the addition of celery. The last time I made it I didn’t have enough celery root so I just added more onion and potatoes. (Oh, yeah….forgot to mention: I substitute onions for shallots unless I have shallots on hand.) And no cream for Bill. But who needs it? It’s creamy enough as is!

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