Keepers of the Seed

You’ve probably heard a lot about Monsanto and its drive to continue producing  GMOs and pesticides. But what is its impact on a person’s livelihood? It can go as far as suicide.

The Perennial Plate recently went to India and interviewed environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva on the reality of these issues. Watch this video called “Two Options” to learn more about Dr. Shiva, a farmer named Bija Devi, their network of seed keepers,  and their fight to preserve heirloom seeds in India.


2 responses to “Keepers of the Seed

  1. Beautiful…”when women farm, they do it for life, they do it for their children.” This one made me cry.

    • Me, too, Kate. I really believe women have a special connection to the earth. (Sorry, guys, I’m not trying to be sexist! I just think it has to do with women being childbearers and so often the food providers for their children.)

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