Chez Marcita Presents: Bill’s Oatcakes

See what Sunday morning is like at the Davis-Holm house as Bill and I show you our wheat-free, corn-free oatcake breakfast ritual. (Warning, I’m actually wearing my pajamas but I’ll spare you my bed-head hair by donning a bandanna.)

Sorry, it’s a little long but it’s our first video!

8 responses to “Chez Marcita Presents: Bill’s Oatcakes

  1. Love the Bellini tip! You guys are too cute.

  2. But what if you’re allergic to cats? Sent with love and admiration from Brother in law Larry from Denver.

  3. Your video adds a new sport to the love and fun of cooking together. Best food show ever.

  4. I’d have totally used the measuring spoons. Even if guests were coming. Full disclosure.
    How fun! I’m looking forward to my own oatcake morning. (Bellinis may be too much of a good thing.)

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