From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Breads for Thanksgiving

Last year for Thanksgiving I posted some quick bread recipes from My Mother’s Recipe Box. Orange Date Bread and Apple Bread sounded like good choices for both Thanksgiving dinner and breakfast the following day—a little sweet, a little fruity.

This year I wanted to share two breads that I thought would go well with the meal. The first one, Fluffy Golden Corn Bread, might be something you have lots of recipes for. I know I do!

The second one, Buttermilk Brown Bread, is something I haven’t had in a long time. It’s similar to the Boston Brown Bread my grandma used to make in a can. claims, “It is no coincidence that the method used to bake this bread, steaming, is similar to one used by the native Indians of New England, who taught us how to use corn as a grain for bread.” How apropos, then, to make it for Thanksgiving dinner!

Enjoy all your cooking and baking efforts in the upcoming week. And Happy Thanksgiving!


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