Who Wants Parsley?

I’m not sure what the name is for my style of gardening. Half-assed? Amateur? Laissez-faire? Thankfully, I look at gardening as a creative release—without the perfectionism I apply to my writing profession—but you gotta wonder what the heck happened when you have a garden full of parsley.

I already mentioned in my post about okra that my garden is nothing to speak of this year. I am the one to blame, although the heat and drought didn’t help. But I also love the experimentation of gardening, which is why I have collards and onions and kale scattered among a couple rows of planted (by me) carrots. So when the parsley decided to go to seed–when? last fall?–I let her go. My parsley is free!

There’s nothing like going out to snip fresh parsley for pasta or taboulleh. But I’ve got more than I can use, especially since Bill isn’t a big fan of it. I gave away a plant. I put some chopped parsley in the freezer. I’m sure I’ll put more in the freezer. (Drying herbs isn’t an option at our house because of cats and another prolific species: spiders.) And I plan to repot some plants for my winter herb garden. Or, I can just leave it tucked cosily  between the tomato plants to seed itself next year.

So last weekend when I was at the Holland Farmers Market, I was telling one of the farmers about my prolific parsley. He suggested selling it to a local organic food store but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through the red tape of retail. On the way home I thought: Why not barter?

This post is an advertisement for my local community: If you want parsley and you’ve got something to trade for it, I’d love to barter with you. If you’re a nonprofit in need, I’m also willing to donate. And, I’m also open to suggestions for preserving and sharing my bounty!


3 responses to “Who Wants Parsley?

  1. I think I’m going to just sneak down there at night, like Peter Rabbit! 🙂

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