Trillium Haven Heaven

I knew it was coming. There had been plenty of press. But when you get your food locally and hang out with other people who do the same, the word gets around even before the newspapers publish the story.

I had heard of Trillium Haven Farm when it was a CSA (community supported agriculture). Then came rumblings about a farm-to-table restaurant planned for the Eastown neighborhood of Grand Rapids, Michigan. So I added it to my list of must-try eateries. When my friend Sue over at StirThePotGR suggested we go together, voila! We picked a date and went.

The restaurant, owned by Anja Mast and Michael VanderBrug, is located in the Kingsley Building, a  renovation project by Bazzani Associates, which focuses on  sustainable development and building practices–evident as soon as you walk in.

Since I was already a Facebook fan, I took a sneak-peek at the drink and food menus before I arrived. Trillium Haven offers fresh, seasonal produce from their farm and humanely raised grass-fed meats.

Even the drink menu is inspired by the season. It was another hot July day, so my mouth was watering for the Blueberry Spritzer before I got there. Sue had the very refreshing Spicy & Sweet Margarita.

For an appetizer, we tried the Smoked Whitefish Pate. Taking our time over drinks and pate, we eventually ordered–and shared– the Tuscan Kale Caesar (with yummy garlic bread crumbs) and the Tomato Pie, one of the flatbread pizzas on the menu. You can just taste the freshness in every sip and bite.

Trillium Haven is what farm-to-table eating is all about–delightful, fresh flavors that just make you feel good. I can’t wait to see how the menu changes with the seasons!


2 responses to “Trillium Haven Heaven

  1. A Table in the Sun

    I’m so jealous! Here in the Central Valley of California, we grow produce for the world, but our restaurants haven’t really caught on to the local food movement. I’m trying to change this one step at a time.

    • And for so many years, I’ve really enjoyed that produce from your region! It’s been a challenge to eat only local food here in the snow belt, but a freezer and our CSAs do help! I didn’t know about the paradox you describe in the Central Valley….thanks for sharing. I believe you can help institute change–and your one-step-at-a-time approach is the way to go. Thanks for your comment!

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