Cuban Lechon Asado from Pastured Pork

When you store local meat in bulk in your freezer, I believe it’s important to follow a stock rotation protocol. Generally, this happens for Bill and me when our supply thins out and we check the dates on the meat we have left. Our 11-cubic-foot freezer in the basement is where we store our bulk meat and produce I freeze from summer. Then I move any older cuts to the upstairs freezer so it’s more visible, and therefore likely to be used.

Last weekend I had one cut left–a fresh ham roast–from 2010. The term “fresh ham” always throws me off, but, as I mentioned in a blog post a couple years ago, it’s really just roast pork. The ham simply comes from the hind end or leg of the pig and when it’s cured, that’s the pink meat you’re used to seeing on sandwiches.

I’ve been fairly content with a couple of recipes for fresh ham, one from and the other, which is a modification of a po’boy recipe. But I was looking for something different this time. Enter Cuban Lechon Asado, or Roasted Fresh Ham, from

Lechon is actually a suckling pig. Another way to make this recipe is with a fresh ham. Ours was 3 pounds so I adapted this recipe accordingly. It’s easy because all you do is make a marinade and let it soak into the meat overnight.

Then, put the roast in a lightly greased roasting pan, saving the marinade for later.

I added some green onions that I had in the freezer (also from last year–the end of the produce) to the marinade.

Roast in the oven according to the recipe. (I did a half hour on each side because the roast was a third the size of what the recipe called for, and because pastured meat is much leaner so it needs less cooking time.) Add the marinade and sliced onions.

Some recipes claim that you can pull the pork apart when it’s done. I think it depends upon the cut of meat. A pork shoulder will do this more easily than a fresh ham roast.

In Cuba, many meals are eaten with black beans and rice, so that’s what Bill and I had with ours. Plua a little side I call “guacamole salad:” chopped tomato, red onion, and avocado on a bed of lettuce. It’s a delicious combination!


2 responses to “Cuban Lechon Asado from Pastured Pork

  1. If you count dried beans as a veg, you’ve got a lovely example of the US dietary guidelines in action (although I lean toward using half veg instead fruit/veg). I realize this is a bit of a random comment, but I’m always drawing out these plates and trying come up with examples of how to fill the sections, so it’s a delight to see it out there.

    • Random comments are always welcome, Stephanie! Thank you for using my meal as an example for dietary guidelines!

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