Pig Farm Without Empathy

It’s stories like this one that inspired me to start Life Is Fare in the first place. I’m warning you, this video is disturbing. It’s another undercover investigation by the Humane Society of the United States and this time the victims are pigs from Wyoming Premium Farms in Wheatland, Wyoming.

It’s not just disturbing that people treat animals this way and that the majority of consumers who eat the meat from these animals don’t realize that stress creates a poor quality product. What’s also disturbing is that people are acting this way in the first place. Any employer who creates conditions that drive their employees to commit violence should be shut down. And if those people were disturbed to begin with, they shouldn’t have been hired. They need help.

While I believe most of the human race is empathic toward people and animals, there is a small percentage that has no conscience or empathy. Often these people end up in leadership roles or positions of power. Exactly where they don’t belong.

This video has nothing to do with the carnivore-vegetarian debate. It’s about the golden rule. Please stop supporting industrialized farming. Remember, you are what you eat.


4 responses to “Pig Farm Without Empathy

  1. I truly agree with you. Industrialized farming should be avoided.

  2. First of all, i am a farmhand at a pig farm. English is not my native tongue so excuse me for my mistakes. i shall make a dissection of the video. i do not defend the farmhands here but the job is not easy and people loose their tempers. Also the dramatic music is not helping 😀
    first scene: the farmhand hits the pig, it hurts him more than it does the pig their hair is coarse and it leaves cuts on the skin.
    0:30- just filmed before feeding time, the animals are restless (bar biting) and the feeders are full. usually the pigs sleep between feeding which happen 2-3 times a day.
    0.38- the gestation crates are for their own protection and the fetuses inside them, pigs are violent amongst each other and cannibalistic.
    0:43- sick pigs happen- then they are treated and in 90% of cases they get well soon.
    1:00- bouncing on the pig- i did not see the injured leg but if it was truly broken this is sadistic behaviour on the farmhands side.
    1:25- hitting pigs- the pigs will not go willingly in the farrowing crates so force is needed, it doesn’t hurt the pigs but it saves their litter.
    1:45- flailing of piglets is inexusable and is cause for termination of contract
    2:06- kneeing is stupid behavior on the farmhands side, he could have gotten hurt. he could have let the pig go and then turn her back around. But he probably has deadlines as well as each of us so he does the stupid thing 😛
    2:25- severly sick pig that should have been euthanased, it has been treated for its disease judging by the colouring on its thigh. the boss will not let you euthanase pigs like this because it shows up in his results and he gets a slap on the wrist 😛
    2:55- abortions (they happen) nothing we can do about that.
    3:10- the prolapse; she was only probably left alive because of her litter (11-18 piglets) and a spare mom was not available.
    So to recap, i am not defending my job but working with animals can be fun and rewarding or really dark, depending on how you take your position. i for one do not judge these farmhands cause i have been just like them. You should not judge them too because you have not been in their shoes!

    Peace, love, good night i’m out 😉

    • Chomo, thank you so much for taking the time to review this video, analyze it, and make specific comments based on your experience. I have respect for people who work hard on farms. And, you’re right, I haven’t worn those shoes. But I think the issue I have the biggest problem with, which affects the workers, is the greed at the top–making money with no regard for the animals or employees. Just like any corporation, the way people are treated and the things they’re required to do for their jobs can yield negative results. I don’t believe animals should be commodities in a factory. Is this the only way to feed the world? I think we can do much better. If we all cut back on meat consumption that would be a good starting point that would lower demand. It’s just a matter of changing our priorities. But I also know there will always be people in the world who have no respect for animals. I know it sounds hypocritical that I’m a carnivore who eats pork but I just don’t believe animals need to be raised this way–en masse, in CAFOs.

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