This Kid Has Had Enough: Portion Size Me

There’s a great article in The New York Times about Marshall Reid, the 12-year-old who decided to turn his life–and his high BMI–around when a bully called him fat.

Now, he’s the author of the book Portion Size Me and has also shared his experiences via YouTube. You can read more about Marshall and his mission to change his lifestyle on his website.

Go, Marshall!


4 responses to “This Kid Has Had Enough: Portion Size Me

  1. caribtots2teens

    Love this report you did! Love the kid. Thanks for sharing the inspiration. we will too!

  2. A Table in the Sun

    I’m a teacher, and it breaks my heart to see overweight children at school. We are trying to influence choices through a wonderful educational grant designed to expose students to seasonal produce in the classroom. Most of our students come from low income homes and have not been taught the nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables. Thanks for keeping this mission at the forefront.

    • I’m sure it’s sad to see so many overweight kids in school. That’s great you’ve been able to expose your students to seasonal produce. It sounds like many of them live in “food deserts”–places where fresh food is difficult to get. Thanks for stopping by…I appreciate your comment and support!

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