Martha Rose Shulman’s Moroccan Fava Bean and Vegetable Soup

Photo via The New York Times

I wish I had thought of this recipe. It seems I haven’t had a lot of time for trying new dishes lately, but at least I can share a delicious-looking soup recipe from one of my favorite cooks.

Martha Rose Shulman is a writer whose cookbooks are devoted to eating well, meaning food that is delicious and that makes you feel good. She’s also a regular contributor to The New York Times.

This recipe for Moroccan Fava Bean and Vegetable Soup was inspired by a Sephardic Passover meal, so it has ingredients and flavorings from the Mediterranean region. And, it’s vegetarian!

Martha says, “I expected the fava beans to color this soup a pale green, but the other vegetables – the carrots, leeks, turnips and onion — and especially the turmeric contribute just as much, and the color of the soup is more of a burnt orange.” Isn’t it gorgeous?


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