Farming How Nature Intended

Consider Animal Welfare Approved farms the next time you buy meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. It makes a difference to the animals, the environment, the farmers, and to you.

One of my favorite local AWA farms for meat is Crane Dance, in Middleville, Michigan. And I love Grassfields for eggs and raw milk cheeses.

What about yours? Here’s where you can find farms near you.


4 responses to “Farming How Nature Intended

  1. Holly Anderson

    I recently bought a 1/4 cow from Grassfield. They were a pleasure to deal with and the meat is quality!

    • That’s great to hear, Holly! We buy our bulk meat at Lubbers Farm in Grand Rapids, but pick up extra items from Crane Dance, which attends the local farmers markets and also is a member of the West Michigan Co-op. I feel good about Lubbers, even though they’re not AWA certified, because I’ve been to the farm, met the farmers, and asked a lot of questions about how they raise animals.

      Glad you’re having a good experience with local grassfed meat. Thanks for your comment!

  2. We do not eat meat no matter how humanely raised or killed… it is still dead flesh… We have enough fruits, nuts, and veggetables…. we need to stop being human graveyards period. I feel that just because they were free to roam and eat grass we do not have the right to kill them and eat them. Why would you want to eat another sentient being that nurses their young?

    • Anna, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I have wrestled with this philosophy myself. I love animals. On the other hand, animals kill animals for food, which I think is perfectly natural. But I do think there is abuse caused by humans in the animal world….confinement, poaching, irresponsible pet ownership, etc. And, we certainly do not need to eat the quantities of meat that we (mostly Americans and the Western industrialized world) eat.
      I appreciate your visiting my blog and offering your perspective!

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