Quinoa Wrap with Olives, Chick Peas, and Sprouts

Here’s an easy lunch idea if you have leftover quinoa or a quinoa dish such as the one I made on Day 1 of my food challenge this week, How to Eat Healthy on $5.00 a Day. Based on a quinoa pilaf recipe that includes lacinato kale, my version omits the goat cheese, walnut oil, or pine nuts since the whole point of Bill’s and my experiment is to spend less money.

Flour tortillas make great vehicles, but you could use any other kind of malleable flat bread for a wrap. Simply place some olives, halved, along the center, reserving some for another layer in the wrap. (I used a half-ounce of black cured and kalamata olives.) These really add a punch of flavor in this recipe.

Add about a half-cup of quinoa, then top with an ounce of chick peas and the rest of the olives.

Pile on about an ounce of sprouts, roll, and enjoy. To avoid spilling the chick peas and olives onto your plate when you eat, you could either use larger tortillas or divide the ingredients between two. This wrap would also keep well if you brought it to work or on the road. Just roll up tightly in aluminum foil or wax paper and keep cool until you’re ready to eat!

Note: I realized after I published this post that “chickpea” is one word, not two! But I can’t change the title or I’ll have broken links. Still, as a writer, I feel obligated to state that I do know better!


2 responses to “Quinoa Wrap with Olives, Chick Peas, and Sprouts

  1. Love the combo of cheese (I’d use goat), sprouts, olives, and quinoa. Any suggestions on some kind of sauce to add moisture and flavor? Maybe tzatziki kind of thing?

    • Goat cheese would be a lovely addition to this wrap, Kate. For sauces, tzatziki sounds yummy. One of my all-time faves for dressing is simply lemon juice and olive oil. I’m not much of a sauce girl, but I do like my olive oil! (I think I could drink it straight!) Thanks for your suggestion!

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