Grassfed Beef Rump Roast

The last, lonely cut of beef from our 2010 mixed quarter from Lubbers Farm became tonight’s dinner: Rump Roast. One of my favorite recipes for rump roast is a Tuscan version that I learned at Chef Claudio’s cooking class near Florence, Italy, but tonight I opted for a different approach: Oven Rump Roast from

As always with grassfed beef, it’s important to be conservative with the cook time because grassfed meat is leaner than factory farmed so it cooks quickly. Our cut of meat was 3.28 lbs. so I halved the recipe and reduced the cooking time to one hour and ten minutes.

It’s an easy recipe. You just rub some fresh garlic on the meat and then mix salt, pepper, and dried mustard together, which you rub on the meat before putting it in the oven.

Then you mix together some Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and dry red wine, and baste the meat with it.

While my digital meat thermometer read medium rare when I took the roast out, it looked more like medium after letting the meat rest, covered, for ten minutes.

To accompany the roast, I simply roasted a vegetable medley of Yukon gold potatoes, carrots, celery, and garlic cloves in a skillet with olive oil while the meat cooked at 325 degrees F. When I took the roast out, I bumped up the oven temperature to 375 for another 20 minutes to finish cooking the vegetables.

Yummy, happy, Sunday dinner.


6 responses to “Grassfed Beef Rump Roast

  1. Mouth. Waters.

  2. Just got a side of beef and took the rump roast out of the freezer yesterday so gonna give this recipe a go tonight. Thanks for posting it!

    • You’re welcome. Let me know how it turns out! Thanks for your comment.

      • This came out wonderful! I cooked to to 137 (hubby is not fond of rare beef). I let it rest for 20 min and the center was beautiful pink and the edges more cooked through but still succulent.

        I was fortunate to have been able to harvest some Yukon potatoes and roasted them towards then end.

        Thank you again for sharing a tasty recipe!

      • Marcia Davis

        That’s wonderful! Glad you liked it and had success. Thanks for your feedback!

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