Potato Latkes

Bill and I had leftover mashed potatoes–flavored with olive oil, rice milk, and Pecorino cheese–from last night’s dinner so I thought, what could be better than latkes, otherwise known as potato pancakes, to go with our Christmas Eve prime rib?

Although there was a recipe from My Mother’s Recipe Box for Potato Pancakes, I opted for this more robust version on Cooks.com. In my online search, I came across another recipe that suggested using bacon grease to fry the pancakes in. This was the brilliant idea of the year. Oh. My. God. So, so good! I happened to have some fresh nitrite-free bacon grease in a bowl in the fridge so I couldn’t resist adding that edge of flavor to this side dish.

You just start with a beaten egg….

And some leftover mashed potatoes…

Add to that some chopped onion, salt, and pepper.

If it’s too wet, like mine was (because I made half the recipe since I only had a cup of mashed potatoes and you can’t really just use *half* an egg), add some flour. Because of Bill’s wheat allergies, I used two tablespoons of brown rice flour.

Heat some bacon grease, or other fat, in a skillet until hot. Then drop the latke batter into the pan. Fry like pancakes, flipping them over when they’re brown on each side.

Drain on a paper towel and keep warm until ready to serve.

Serve for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Latkes make an excellent side dish to prime rib.


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