From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Pecan Dainties

I started this week of holiday baking with Aunt Vivian Morrison’s  Fudge Candy recipe from My Mother’s Recipe Box. So I thought it would be appropriate to finish the week with a recipe from another relative, Aunt Irlene Morrison.

Pecan Dainties are more like candy than cookies, but at the holidays, it’s all about sweets! Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday season and new year.


2 responses to “From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Pecan Dainties

  1. The picture made me nostalgic. I have so many handwritten recipes handed down from my aunts and my grandmother. My grandmother was literally famous for her gingersnaps. I make them from time to time from the well worn writing on her pages, but they’re never quite as good.

    • I think it’s so important for people to have family recipes, both as reminders of how to cook and as connections to the people we love. I’ll bet when you make the gingersnaps, even if you think they’re not as good, you get a warm and fuzzy feeling and remember your grandmother, yes? Thanks for your comment, Susan!

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