Sunday Brunch at Gilead Cafe

Last month when I was in Toronto with my friend Cathy, one of our favorite spots to eat was Gilead Cafe, a restaurant in the historic Corktown district. It was started by Jamie Kennedy, known across Canada for his commitment to sustainable agriculture, advocacy of local food, and  fostering connections between farmers and chefs.

Isn’t it obvious by the decor?

Jars of preserves, pickles, and vegetables lined the walls of the restaurant.

Sunday brunch, with homemade jams and freshly baked pastries, is a delicious way to start off the day.  The menu changes frequently and is written on the chalkboard and posted at the door.

I had the very yummy Brunch Tart with Salad.

Cathy had the Bacon Rösti with Cheesy Scrambled Eggs.

What I really like about Gilead Cafe is its simplicity: local, fresh ingredients in an unpretentious, intimate setting. It’s the perfect place for Sunday brunch in Toronto.


2 responses to “Sunday Brunch at Gilead Cafe

  1. I would love to visit Toronto some day, and how fun to with a friend! That spot looks fab and the brunch looks scrumptious indeed. Thanks for sharing!


    • It’s a very fun city, Leesie. I’ve wanted to go for awhile but, up until last month, had only been to the airport. Toronto reminds me a bit of Chicago, only more diverse demographically and also more environmentally focused. And lots of great food, of course! Thanks for your comment!

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