St. Lawrence Market in Old Town, Toronto

Established in 1803, the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto is a must-see if you’re in town. It’s open five days a week and on Saturdays it opens at 5 a.m. for the farmers’ market.

Whenever I travel, I always seek out the local farmers market. It’s a good place to pick up snack foods and lunch and it also gives you a sense of what’s in season in that area so you can know when you go out to restaurants.

Ontario is very similar to Michigan in climate so I wasn’t surprised to see a lot of the same produce we have in October, which is when I was in there: carrots, cabbage, apples, parsnips, kale, etc.

This market is huge. It’s not just produce, but also specialty merchants, vendors, and eateries.

I couldn’t resist the raspberry jam from Stasis Preserves.

All that’s in the jar are raspberries and sugar, which makes this a delightful Bill-friendly treat for his millet and flax toast!

There’s hardly time to get through the whole market, especially on a Saturday. But it’s well worth the visit when you’re in town.


4 responses to “St. Lawrence Market in Old Town, Toronto

  1. I grew up in Toronto (now in NY) and miss the market. It’s fantastic!

  2. I love raspberry jam! I won’t be in Toronto… what’s your favorite Michigan source?

    • I have found some raspberry jam at the Holland Farmers Market but I don’t recall the vendor. Maybe Schroeder’s Sugar Shack?

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