From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Two Recipes for Apples

When I was a kid, I loved candy apples. I think it was mostly the color I liked, but it may have also been that final break-through from the candy to the apple, similar to reaching the chocolate in a Tootsie Pop. Caramel apples, however, were not my favorite. Probably because I had braces. Even today, I don’t have much fondness for the sweetness of caramel. But I know a lot of people do. So, just in time for Halloween, check out this vintage recipe by Mary Morgan from My Mother’s Recipe Box.

I cropped the photos and made two of them so it’s easier to read the recipe.

And, because so many people are making apple dishes, I thought I’d share a recipe for Apple Crisp by Carolyn, who I believe is my mother’s cousin since she didn’t add her last name to the recipe card.

Enjoy apple picking, and Happy Halloween!


2 responses to “From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Two Recipes for Apples

  1. I soooooo remember your fondness for candy apples! I can see you now with that shiny red globe in front of your face! I agree with you that the moment of break-through is a great moment… from sweet and crunchy to soft and juicy. Love that. (Also love the break-through on a Tootsie Roll… I will admit to having just bought some.)

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