Good Food, Where You Live

Good stuff from over at GOOD, the blog that cares about “what works–what is sustainable, prosperous, productive, creative, and just–for all of us and each of us.” They report that “a group of Seattle entrepreneurs has come up with one solution to the urban food desert problem, and it doesn’t involve adding traditional supermarkets to underserved areas.”

Stockbox Grocers is a convenient miniature market that is tucked inside a reclaimed shipping container and placed into the parking lot of an existing business or organization. Imagine dozens of these stores–designed to offer the essential grocery items and fresh produce communities need to get through the week–located throughout urban food deserts and within walking distance of home, work, and school.

Right now they are in the prototype phase of our start-up in Seattle. Their goal is to “bring food back to communities, and focus on communities that don’t currently have good access to food and are heavily dependent on public transportation,” says founder and owner Carrie Ferrence.


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