Love Leeks?

I do! And now’s the time to start thinking about freezing some for the winter if you want to have locally grown leeks on hand for savory meals.

Leeks are a vegetable that freeze well and are a tasty, nutritional addition to soups, risotto, frittatas, and other main dishes. I bought some today from the Boeve Farm at the Holland Farmers Market.

I prefer freezing over canning since there’s less equipment and time involved. That doesn’t leave me as many options for preserving the harvest, but at least I can keep a good portion of produce for the winter in my freezer.

For leeks, all you need to do is remove the roots, dark green stems, and outer layer.

A trick I learned during a cooking class at the Culinary Institute of America is to slice the stems lengthwise and rinse under water to remove any dirt.

Then chop the stems and slice the pale green section.

Put in bags and freeze. It’s really that easy. When you’re ready to thaw them for use, you’ll notice they don’t have the same consistency as fresh ones, but for cooked dishes such as the ones I mentioned above, they work great!


2 responses to “Love Leeks?

  1. Thanks for this tip, Marcia. I LOVE leeks, and I’ll be picking some up at the AA Farmers Market on Wednesday. My freezer bags are all ready! I didn’t know they froze so well.

    • Glad to help, Pamela! One caveat, and I should add this to my post: They won’t have the same consistency of raw leeks when you thaw them, but the idea is that they’ll be cooked in the end anyway so consistency isn’t critical. I found this out with green onions when I froze them last year….you can’t really use the frozen ones for something like a garnish but in stir-fry they work great. Thanks for your comment and good luck with your freezing!

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