Seek Out the Smaller Farmers Markets

Holland, Michigan, which I call home, is a beautiful place to live. There’s one drawback, however, to its geography. The township is split by Lake Macatawa, which runs about two miles to the east from its entry at Lake Michigan. What that means is, if you live on the north side of “Lake Mac” as we call it, or on the south side, getting around it can take between 20 and 30 minutes. (I heard there used to be a ferry across and I’m still waiting for the day it returns to facilitate traveling from the south side to the north side!)

Normally, I do my produce shopping at the Holland Farmers Market on Wednesdays or Saturdays, May through December. But sometimes commitments keep me from getting there. That’s when it’s nice to have the availability of a smaller market on, say, Friday. Such as the Park Township Farmers Market, which just started up this year.

Because I live on the south side of Lake Mac, the Saugatuck Green Market is actually closer but I wanted to see what the Park Township market had to offer so I paid a visit there this week.

It’s larger than I expected, and it seemed pretty busy for a late Friday morning. Because it’s on the main drag to the beach (Holland State Park), I imagine tourists who are in town for the week might stop there, too.

Sometimes you have to dig to find these smaller markets, which may not have everything you normally get at a larger one, but they’ll see you through for a few days until you can stock up. I was happy to get some berries from Diemter’s and Russian red kale, green onions, and garlic from CJ Veggies.

And, my friend Kay from Westview Farms was there, too. They sell perennials and herbs.

It’s like the farmers market version of the convenience store: they may not have everything you need, but enough to get by while continuing to eat healthy. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), such as 8th Day Farm.


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