The Perennial Plate: Episode 60

The Perennial Plate Episode 60: Mountain Home from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

In this episode, Daniel Klein visits nomadic John Duncan who lives out of his truck (and camps). He also teaches at The University of New Mexico about wild greens, and living from the mountains.

*This post is dedicated to my nomadic friend, Kate, and my foraging nephew, Nick.


2 responses to “The Perennial Plate: Episode 60

  1. Thanks! I liked what he said about the arbitrary separation between civilization and nature, but I also liked the way he brushed it off as “just philosophy” and then went back to foraging. Philosophy is good, but the mark of a person who is truly living their ideals is that they don’t feel the need to harp on about it. Great video! I think I’ll try that tea he was making and see how it is. I’ve made tea from raspberry leaves, and that’s good too.


    • I thought it was a good video, too. Good luck with the tea! Maybe you could do a blog post about it?

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