Why Buy Local?

Graphic via eLocal USA

Here’s a cool graphic I saw today on FoodandTechConnect.com, an information company that connects innovators at the intersection of food and information technology. It was created by eLocal USA, which owns and operates some of the top online directories to help consumers find businesses in their local neighborhood. The graphic represents a compilation of information on the ways our spending can affect our environment and our lives.

Check out the highlighted facts, such as:

  • The billions of fuel used to ship internationally, as well as increased CO2 emissions
  • The trillions of dollars the U.S. spends on imports
  • The percentage of materials used in food packaging, much of which isn’t recyclable
  • The revenue from national retail chains that is invested in the local community

According to eLocal USA, “the benefits of spending more money within our own communities are far-reaching. Although there is an ongoing movement to shop more conscientiously, we still have a ways to go before these effects can be felt nationally.”

Here’s the big picture view so you can see it better. Then I would ask you to think about what’s in your fridge and pantry. How far did it travel and how much energy was spent to get it to your home?

Why Buy Local - graphic via eLocal USA


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