From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Two Recipes for Easter

When I was a kid, Easter tradition consisted of an “Easter egg” (i.e., jelly bean) hunt in the living room followed by Easter breakfast, which always included hot cross buns.

I found this recipe for hot cross buns in My Mother’s Recipe Box and thought it would be fun to share it since Easter is next week….just in case you’re looking for a vintage recipe or one that doesn’t require kneading.

For an accompaniment to the buns at breakfast or brunch, you might want to try Crepes Suzette.

What are your traditions at Easter?


4 responses to “From My Mother’s Recipe Box: Two Recipes for Easter

  1. I made hot cross buns with fruit soup for Ash Wednesday supper–a day of fast and abstinence (from meat, not sex) in my Roman Catholic tradition. Your mom’s recipe is a lot like mine, only I think mine has nutmeg and no lemon zest. I also knead my buns. Gotta knead the buns. 😉

  2. We had hot cross buns too, and I still crave them every spring. But my mother’s culinary Easter triumph was her bunny cake–an 8-inch-round white cake cut in half and stood together on ends for the body, the head sculpted from the other half, the whole thing covered with vanilla butter cream and sprinkled with coconut. With pink jelly bean eyes. My brother and I got to make the ears out of construction paper. One of these days, I’m going to have to make a bunny cake for Easter.

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