How American Farmland is Losing Ground

The Huffington Post reports that Environmental Working Group (EWG), working with Iowa State University, has found that “erosion in Iowa is much worse than previously reported. In some regions, soil loss was found to be 12 times greater than the stated average, as storms stripped up to 64 tons of soil per acre of land.”

EWG  blames irresponsible farming practices for putting America’s land and water at risk. In their video, “Losing Ground,” the narrator says pesticides, fertilizers, and manure run into water, which “renders our water undrinkable, our beaches unfit to swim in, and has created an area in the Gulf so contaminated that aquatic life has to flee or die.”

So what can we do to help prevent its destruction by industrialized farming? Go to EWG’s Losing Ground website to learn more and support EWG to provide investigative reporting to help consumers be aware of how their food is farmed.


2 responses to “How American Farmland is Losing Ground

  1. Thanks for posting this. The good news is that, based on much of what I’ve read about agriculture, eroded farmland can be rejuvenated through sustainable farming methods. It may take generations to accomplish, but it’s not a one-way street. If we don’t wise up to it soon, of course, we will be in a tough spot…

    • That is good news, indeed. I was just reading a recent issue of Nationa Geographic that also touches upon this subject and it was really depressing me. So I feel encouraged by your comment. Humans have really done a lot to destroy our planet!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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