Our gas grill has finally appeared beneath the snow piles here in West Michigan, which means it’s officially grilling season! What better way to celebrate than to thaw some Lubbers Farm baby back pastured pork spare ribs from the freezer to throw on the grill for dinner?

I have a rib recipe I swear by from a cookbook called The Gas Grill Gourmet.

The reason I like this recipe is that it uses a basting sauce that you make yourself with lots of yummy spices: cumin, oregano, paprika, salt and pepper. (Note: The recipe calls for soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce, which contain wheat and high fructose corn syrup respectively, but you can substitute by making homemade soy and Worcestershire sauces with the ingredients on their labels minus the wheat and corn syrup. Or, you can use them if the people eating the ribs have a high tolerance to these ingredients since the quantities needed are so small.)

Our package of ribs was just over a pound so we cut the cooking time down to about 20 minutes on the grill, and five minutes to rest. (Remember, for grassfed and pastured meats, you don’t need to cook them as long because the meat is leaner than what you get from factory farms.)

All you do is mix the dry spices, salt, pepper and sugars together in a bowl.

Then add the water, vinegar, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce.

Brush the mixture on the ribs.

When the grill is hot, put the ribs on and turn off the burner directly under them; leave the other burner on medium heat.

We basted with the sauce twice during the cooking period. Then they were done!

They’re delicious with red beans and rice on the side, plus a mixed green salad with sliced apple and honey-Dijon vinaigrette dressing.


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