My Winter Herb Garden Survived the Winter

Remember back in October when I wrote a blog post about the herb garden I bought from Visser Farms? It survived the deep freeze! And we had a cold, snowy winter here in West Michigan this year.

While the plants were looking pretty grim in February, most of them pulled through to make it until spring. In fact, the arugula is about to bloom (but I snapped off the flower head) and the curly kale is back in business. The oregano was hardly fazed by the change in temps. And the cilantro has been revived. Even though it’s not quite gardening season here, I’m pleased to see that everything but the basil survived this experimental trial out on our breezeway where temps got as low as the 20’s.

I was able to snip fresh parsley throughout the winter and even made a frittata with some of the herbs and greens.

It gives me hope for next year. I might be able to start a greenhouse in our breezeway and eat fresh vegetables year-round!


2 responses to “My Winter Herb Garden Survived the Winter

  1. That is so cool! I wish I could get my herbs to bounce back after winter. Love it.

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