In NYC: Bring Your Compost to the Market

Graphic via GrowNYC

The Greenmarket farmers market, that is.

GrowNYC–a hands-on non-profit organization that’s been helping to improve New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs for 40 years–has begun a composting pilot program. For the next four months, residents can drop off fruit and vegetable scraps at select Greenmarkets around the city for transport to a compost facility where they will become a fertile soil amendment for local farming projects and other uses. The program complements the existing, ongoing Greenmarket food scrap collections conducted by GrowNYC’s community partners: the Lower East Side Ecology Center (Union Square), Western Queens Compost Initiative (Sunnyside, Jackson Heights) and the Ft. Greene Compost Project.

Acceptable materials include: fruit and vegetable scraps; non-greasy food scraps (rice, pasta, bread, cereal, etc.); coffee grounds and filters; tea bags; egg and nut shells; pits; cut or dried flowers; houseplants; and potting soil. More detailed guidelines are listed on the GrowNYC website. Or you can download the brochure.

What a great idea for a place with limited options for backyard compost piles!

I’m curious if this type of program exists in other large cities? If you know of one, please share!


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