Find Out Where Your Food Comes from with HarvestMark

One way to find out the original source of the produce in your grocery stores is to look for the HarvestMark logo on the packaging.

Here’s how it works:

When a farmer harvests his crop, or a packer selects produce to send to her customers, they upload key data to HarvestMark.

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That information is linked to a unique HarvestMark Code on the label and the produce is shipped.

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When you see the HarvestMark logo, it means you can trace the source of the produce.

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One way you can trace the source is via an iPhone app right there in the store before you purchase the product.

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Or you can trace it on your computer.

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When you trace the Code at, you instantly find out information, such as where it was grown and whether it’s subject to a recall.

You can also find out more, like pictures of the farm, or the story behind the farmer, give feedback about the product you purchased, and discover nutrition information, and even recipes.

What a great way to combine technology with food shopping.

Do you have HarvestMark where you live? If not, find out how to request it in your area.


2 responses to “Find Out Where Your Food Comes from with HarvestMark

  1. That sounds like a great idea, but for those of us without smartphones we would need to purchase first and take the item home in order to investigate!

    At least at the fruit market I can ask my grocer where he buys stock from 🙂

    • Good point about the smartphones, Debbie!
      I agree with you about the market, and for me it’s the preferred location for purchasing produce—direct from the farmer!
      Thanks for your comment!

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