Herb Frittata Inspired by My Winter Herb Garden

One winter night in February I was flying solo for dinner. I was also short on food. So I decided to make a frittata because we almost always have happy eggs in the fridge.

Then I remembered my Winter Herb Garden, which seems to be holding on through the dead of winter, even when temps got to -4 degrees F outside.

So I started snipping the greens, some of which I think might be arugula, as well as spinach, oregano, and parsley.

I sautéed some slices of red onion, mixed three eggs together (salt and pepper to taste), poured them in a skillet with hot olive oil, and cooked the eggs like I’d do for any frittata. When the eggs were almost set, I sprinkled the chopped greens and herbs on top.

Then I added the onion and some grated Pecorino cheese.

Under the broiler it went for about 2 1/2 minutes, with me checking every 30-60 seconds to make sure it didn’t burn.

With a garnish of grape tomatoes, black cured olives, and a sprig of parsley from the garden, I was ready to eat.

Doesn’t it look like summer has arrived in Michigan?

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