Vegetarian Lavash Pizza – Tuscan Style

Bill and I have been making lavash pizzas every once in awhile and it turns out they’re a yummy light dinner or shared appetizer.

When I had some leftover Tuscan Kale with Canellini Beans in the fridge, I thought: Why not put it on a lavash?

After toasting the bottom side of the lavash on a griddle, I simply spread the (warmed-up) bean and kale mixture on top, added some shredded Bulgarian sheep’s cheese, drizzled it with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and broiled the lavash for about one or two minutes.

You get your protein, greens, and calcium all in one healthy dish! And, it’s a wheat-free, corn-free, cow-dairy-free option that accommodates vegetarians, too!

For another vegetarian lavash pizza idea, check out my Bosc Pear and Carmelized Onion Pizza. Meat eaters may want to try my Lavash Pizza with Sausage.


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