When There’s a Blizzard, Make Lamb Shanks

I’m a fan of a four-season climate so when it’s winter, I love winter. I’m about the only one in West Michigan who seems to feel this way but maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up here so I appreciate it more than the locals do. I love snow. And I love being snowed in. I guess it’s just the introvert in me.

So with my freezer full of meat and a blizzard at the doorstep, I decided to plan a dinner to celebrate the snow because I knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere today.

Bill and I buy a whole lamb from Lubbers Farm and we request that our butcher packages the lamb shanks in groups of two.

Tonight’s dinner was Braised Lamb Shanks, a recipe I got from Williams-Sonoma.

Because I was using two shanks instead of six, I had to do some math to alter the recipe. And, instead of beef stock, I used lamb stock that I had in the freezer after boiling down a shoulder from my favorite recipe for lamb shoulder. It lends an herbes de Provence essence to the lamb that is delicious.

On the side we had Wild Rice with Butternut Squash [Red Onion instead of Leeks], and Corn from Bon Appetit. (No corn, because Bill is allergic.) We got the wild rice from Native Americans in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on our trip there last summer.

Here’s the fun part about being a freelance writer: We started the evening with a bottle of champagne to toast the blizzard. Then we enjoyed some Pinot Noir (used in the lamb recipe) with our dinner, and finished the meal with some leftover flourless, dairy-free chocolate cake (substituting palm oil for butter) and raw milk ice cream with raspberry sauce–made from last fall’s fresh, local raspberries I preserved in the freezer.

Bring on the snow. All we need is a little food and a little booze, and we’re pretty happy.


2 responses to “When There’s a Blizzard, Make Lamb Shanks

  1. Sounds like heaven! (Well, except the lamb. As a former vegetarian, I’ve never made my way back to lamb.) The preparation, the local and personal connections of all that food, the dessert, the evening… You know how to do a blizzard!

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