I Love Blueberry Pancakes in January

With local blueberries, of course.

Thanks to my friend Lois, who told me her technique for freezing blueberries, I preserved a huge batch of them last summer to keep on hand during the winter months.

Since Bill and I have oat cakes just about every Sunday morning, we’re now able to add some much-needed (this time of year in particular) antioxidants to our batter. We just take a handful of berries out of the freezer the night before and throw the thawed  berries into our batter.

It’s a delicious way to bring July into January and savor the summertime flavors of berries.


2 responses to “I Love Blueberry Pancakes in January

  1. Yum. Great inspiration.

    We should compare sometime on thawing/not thawing the berries! I never thaw them–just sprinkle frozen little rocks on the batter on the griddle. I guess you plan ahead better than I do!

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