Farm to Trailer: A Food Cart for Locavores in Austin

Photo via

It’s not very often that I promote an eatery I haven’t eaten at. But the other night I was watching Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” on television when he visited the Heartland. His tour included restaurants in Livonia, MI; Columbus, OH; Austin, TX; Milwaukee, WI; and Minneapolis, MN.

I was intrigued by the number of food carts in Austin lined up along Lamar Square and can’t wait to visit sometime. Even Bourdain was amazed at the offering from these street vendors.

One that caught my eye was called The Odd Duck on South Lamar Blvd. I love the tagline: “Farm to Trailer.” Has anyone eaten there?

Owner and chef Bryce Gilmore purchases products locally, creates a daily menu, and prepares your food on a wood-burning grill. Right up my alley. Did you see on The Odd Duck’s website that he’s listed all the farms and producers that source his ingredients? I love getting that information from a chef.

For a look inside The Odd Duck, check out this YouTube video by Vendr TV‘s Daniel Delaney, who is on a mission to find “the best street food imaginable.”

Whenever I make it to Austin, I promise to do a blog post about The Odd Duck!

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