My Winter Garden Experiment in January

The herb garden on January 5, 2011

Today I thought I’d update you on my Winter Herb Garden Experiment. Remember last fall when I bought a pot of herbs and greens from Visser Farms at the Holland Farmers Market? Here’s what it looked like in October:

I had promised to report back every month. Whoops! Here it is, January, and I haven’t shared any news of the garden’s progress. That’s partly because it was doing so well, I didn’t have much to report. However, with cold temps finally arriving in December, the basil, alas, keeled over. You can see it in the front of the pot–that poor yellowy dead thing.

Even though our breezeway gets a a fair amount of sun and light because it’s on the south side of the house, and it basically feels like a refrigerator most of the time (as opposed to a freezer), it’s just too cold for basil.  Here’s today’s reading on the breezeway thermometer. (I think it’s in the 40s.)

I was happy, however, to find the spinach is doing well so I added some to the Miso Soup I made for lunch a couple days ago.

And, of all things, the cilantro is doing great! I’m amazed because I have trouble growing cilantro outside. I’m guessing it’s the soil. Cilantro must love dark, rich soil like the Vissers put in the pot.

Everything except the basil has survived so far. Once in awhile I pinch off some parsley or greens to use in the kitchen. I’ll report back in another month or two on progress!


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