Substitutions for Familiar Foods

In the November issue of Taste for Life magazine, there’s a handy sidebar to an article on food sensitivities. The sidebar header is “Substitutions for Familiar Foods.”

I thought this list would be helpful for those of you who cook for someone with food allergies, or know someone who deals with this challenge.

A word of caution first: Substitutions can alter flavor, consistency, and texture so it’s good to try the recipe first before making it for a crowd you want to impress!

Here’s the list of substitutions for dairy, wheat, and tree nuts:

Almond milk
Coconut milk
Hemp milk
Oat milk
Rice milk
Soy milk, yoghurt, and cheese
Trans-fat-free margarine

Gluten-free breads
Rice, corn, or quinoa pasta
Wheat-free baking and cake mixes and flours
Nut or rice crackers

Tree nuts
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds

I would also add one of my own for corn starch:

Corn starch


2 responses to “Substitutions for Familiar Foods

  1. Can you fill me in on rolled oats? Gluten free or not? Someone told me I’d have to buy “gluten-free” oats… I’m looking for a gluten-free fruit dessert.

    • I read somewhere–and I wish I could recall the source–that oats do not have gluten but are processed in the same places that process wheat, so that’s where the danger of gluten comes into play for allergy sufferers. That means you can use oats in recipes for people with wheat or gluten allergies but they do need to be labeled “gluten-free,” indicating that they were processed without contamination of gluten from other grains.

      This article on Wikipedia claims that oats grown in Ireland and Scotland are less likely to be contaminated: I know you can find McCann’s Irish steel-cut oats in West Michigan. They might be a good solution. Here’s their website:

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